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The California Workers' Compensation Interpreters Association (CWCIA) was founded by a group of dedicated professionals with many years of experience. We are committed to representing freelance interpreters and Language Service Providers (LSPs) alike. The symbiotic relationship between the two lends itself to an organization whose purpose has both parties' best interests at heart. For, without one, there is not the other.

CWCIA is the voice of not only its members but also the wider interpreting community, instrumental in championing best practices, improving working conditions and shaping legislation that has benefited all interpreters statewide. It attracts the attention of interpreters and LSPs servicing the injured worker community nationwide, proving to be a leader in its field. Protecting Medical, Administrative and Court Certified Interpreters by exposing the use of untrained professionals by outside elements is but just one of the current endeavors CWCIA is embarked upon.

We are directly involved with helping the Division of Industrial Relations (DIR)/Department of Workers' Compensation (DWC) upgrade the 20 year old, all important Fee Schedule for Interpreter Services, and continue to be on the forefront of all issues affecting the livelihoods of interpreters in California.

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A History Of CWCIA

CWCIA Founder
Cecilia De La Fuente

You may not know but CWCIA was formed by an interpreter who was having trouble getting paid by the insurance carriers. Sound familiar? Around 1997, State Compensation Insurance Fund had instituted an internal policy of paying medical treatment interpreting services at $45.00, despite the $90.00 minimum allowed by CCR 9795.3. This put a financial strain on many interpreters and Language Service Providers (LSPs) because SCIF held 50% of the market at the time. Around 2002, Administrative hearing interpreter Cecilia De La Fuente, started calling her associates to ask “What are you doing about SCIF?” Cecilia gathered several interpreters and agencies together at a meeting in an applicant’s attorney’s office in Encino, CA. Several subsequent meetings took place at various locations in Los Angeles County over the next few months until the group was encouraged to form a professional organization. The result is your California Workers’ Compensation Interpreters Association (CWCIA).

Subsequently, a several hundred-page exhibit of SCIF objections and Explanation(s) of Review (EORs) was compiled from numerous interpreters and LSPs and personally delivered to the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) by Allan Blakney, a charter member. Within two months SCIF abandoned their policy and began paying as prescribed by CCR 9795.3, in some cases paying the differences accumulated.

Throughout the ensuing years, CWCIA has represented the interpreting profession at several public hearings conducted by the DWC and the Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation (CHSWC), as well as at the State Capitol during legislative sessions. We have sponsored Days at the Capitol, becoming acquainted with the legislative process and meeting State Senators and Assemblypersons. We have also had face-to-face meetings with the various Administrative Directors and the Director of the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR). Perhaps most significantly, representatives from your association wrote what became the interpreter portion of SB 863, which was signed into law in Fall 2012 and became effective on January 1, 2013. During that legislative session, several representatives from CWCIA spent the whole final week of the legislative session in Sacramento lobbying to ensure that your profession and status within our industry was not trampled upon.

We are proud and pleased to represent you in all our endeavors, and work tirelessly to stay abreast of anything that affects our livelihoods. Since 2013, we have contracted professional representation in Sacramento, Advocal, that also represents the industrial medicine practitioners and others in workers’ compensation.

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Isis Bolanos Rivera, Communications Chairperson

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