Lobby Days 2016!

On March 29, 2016, CWCIA worked in conjunction with The California Applicant Attorney’s Association (CAAA) in support of AB 2230, a bill that aims to grant injured workers the right to choose their interpreter.

A team of 11 CWCIA delegates traveled to Sacramento alongside several CAAA attorneys to visit 64 legislative offices. This team spoke with many senators and assemblypersons, including Senate President pro Tempore Kevin De Leon and Chairman of the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee, Senator Tony Mendoza. Senator Mendoza chaired the oversight hearing held on the challenges of the Workers’ Compensation in December of last year. 
CWCIA, through t’s IP&O Committee, accepted CAAA’s request to support the well received bill, with most legislative offices understanding that allowing injured workers to select their interpreter was a logical and sensible proposal. One CWCIA representative was personally asked to follow up with assemblyman David Chiu and provide hard data on the degree to which injured workers requiring Spanish language interpretation have seen their certified interpreters replaced with non-certified individuals hired by the insurance companies’ “preferred vendors.” Just one more reason to grant the injured worker the right to choose and protect his right to meaningful language access.
CAAA was very appreciative of CWCIA’s presence at the Lobby Day, stating that the interpreter point of view was hugely important; in turn, CWCIA appreciates the opportunity to contribute to our industry’s advocacy efforts.