SB1160: Another attck on provider Liens!

our lobbyists have been working around the clock fighting a new bill that would be devastating to the interpreting community!

This bill proposes an amendment to LC regulation 4903.5 that requires all liens for medical treatment, including interpreter liens, be accompanied by a declaration signed under penalty of perjury affirming that the dispute is not subject to Independent Bill Review (IBR) and verifying that the lien claimant is qualified to file the lien. Interpreter lien holders would have until July 1, 2017 to file declarations on existing liens. Despite having paid a lien filing or activation fee, failure to file the proposed declaration would subject all liens to dismissal!

Even though interpreter bills are not subject to the IBR process, once the fee schedule is released all bets are off. 

Please continue to send in your generous donations to pay for your lobbyists efforts!   Read entire proposal here.